Arsenic in rice cereal?

The issue of arsenic in rice infant cereals has appeared in the news lately, and some of our customers have asked what we at First Food Organics are doing about it? Both the FDA and Health Canada have been looking at arsenic levels in rice infant cereal for the past few years, however neither have come out with regulations outlining permitted levels of this substance.

We’re proud to share with our customers that First Food Organics has been monitoring arsenic levels in our Brown Rice Cereal since we launched in 2013. We work with a very well established supplier in Europe who produces our cereals for us and who tests each and every batch of raw materials to ensure that the inorganic arsenic level falls below 100 parts per billion (ppb). The EU has regulated this to be the permitted level of inorganic arsenic in rice infant cereals and it is likely that both the FDA and Health Canada will follow their lead in setting the same requirement. Fortunately, First Food Organics is ahead of those regulations and can provide peace of mind for parents that every box of our Organic Brown Rice Cereal is thoroughly tested. If you have any additional questions relating to arsenic or any other aspect of our products, please feel free to email us at